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Promising a Better Life.

At “Choose Your Stream” (CYS), we use cutting edge psychometric assessments to help one get answers to all the above. We decode the inner-most parts of the individual and work with you / your child to comprehend how this knowledge can assist you / your child in making the correct career choices. Not only does it address choices to make but also addresses how to get to the chosen path effectively and smoothly.

‘Following one’s Passion’ is DEAD.

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“Following one’s passion” presupposes that one has a passion, is aware of what it is and that it easily supports a career choice. Many of us may not know our passion or have one; and that doesn’t mean that we can’t make successful career choices.


Things we care about change over time. Go back to your interests few years back and think of your interests now. Are they different? In this fast-changing world one cannot have all their eggs in only one basket when it concerns our life. So, there cannot be ONLY ONE PASSION OR A JOB. One has to have a range of career choices that meets life and economic goals.

We help you find the optimum fit list of Career choices and Plan how to Get there.

What to Study based on your personality and interests and life goals.

Plan College majors for the same

Corelate it with optimum fit list of occupations.

Will these jobs make enough money for you as per your life goals?

Hobbies and personal passions do not always mean fulfilling career. What one does in free time, may not be something that one likes to do day in day out. 

We provide in-depth detailed personalized counselling sessions to help one find the optimum-fit list of college subjects and/or career choices and then, with you and the child, plan how to reach there.
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