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PSYCHOMETRIC ASSESSMENT is a scientific method that helps understand the personality and interests of a client; and there is no failing or passing in this. Each individual is different and thus, no two results are alike. Dermatoglyphic Neuroscientific Evaluation (DNE) helps us scientifically extract (Calculate) INNATE Intelligences (as defined by Neuroscience) from Fingerprints (Dermatoglyphs) and it gives a complete picture of person’s inborn intelligence of the brain

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Interest Inventory Psychometric


Dermatoglyphic Neuroscientific Evaluation (DNE)

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One of the most popular career and educational consulting tool used since 1927 and helps you not only understand your Personality themes, Interest Scales, Occupational Scales and Personal Style Scales but also your skills confidence level with your results of your interests. It is not an aptitude test and is based on the premise that each person is unique and is good at what they like and want to be. Used by most universities across globe. It is also used to check attractiveness of your career choices.

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An assessment by which we can extract (Calculate) INNATE Intelligences (as defined by Neuroscience) from Fingerprints (Dermatoglyphs). It gives a complete picture of person’s inborn intelligence of the brain. It helps discover your strength in each of the 10 lobes of the brain and in-born preferred learning style (visual, auditory, kinesthetics) which helps you study and learn more effectively. As it measures the inborn so also points to untapped potential by discovering those untapped areas.

Based on these Assessments, we help you find out your :



Who am I ?


  • What different occupations align with my interests.

  • How attractive they are.

  • What skills and knowledge is needed to be in them?



What do I like to do ?


  • How do I learn, work, play, live?

  • How does it align with my optimum list of occupations?

Based on the above, we provide in-depth detailed personalized counselling sessions to help one find the optimum-fit list of college subjects and/or career choices and then, with you and the child, plan how to reach there

Many of our clients combine both assessments and use the understanding of their innate strengths and multiple intelligences to further add to the findings of their interest inventory. 

We turn Interests into fulfilling career paths !

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